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Agripellets, as biomass fuel, are becoming more and more popular, as their heat value is on the same level as of coal. The advantages of agripellets are that, compared to raw biomass, they are of significantly smaller volume (up to 10x). They are made of natural materials, without additives, where the binding component is natural organic compound, called lignin. It is contained in cell structure of plants.

Pellets are manufactured by compressing dry plants (straw, hay, etc.), chopped into a fine fraction, turning them into pellets of a diameter of 6, 8 and 12 mm and 20 to 40 mm long. These pellets are highly concentrated fuel material with a density of 1.4 kg / dm3 (more heavy and dense than wood). They have excellent properties especially when burning in automatic boilers, because they allow easy handling, automatic dosing and temperature regulation of the boiler with minimum maintenance and with programmable cycles.

Storage, packaging and transport to retail consumers are much more convenient, compared to wood and coal. And what’s more, agripellets produce significantly less solid waste (5-10 times less compared to coal), less pollution and enable to keep the consumer’s site clean.

Suitable for burning

  • in power plants
  • in municipal heating stations
  • in biomass incinerators
  • in industrial plants
  • in homes

Economical aspect of heating with agripellets

Heat efficiency - agripelletts can be used in typical furnaces as a complement to coal. However the best results are reached in automatic boilers with controlled burning, where the burning efficiency reaches up to 90%. Heat value is close to values of brown coal, prices are also similar to coal (depending on quality, packaging, transportation, etc.) More www.tzb-info.cz

  Agripellets Brown coal
Sulfur contents 0,12 % 2-3 %
Heat value 12-18 MJ/kg 12-17 MJ/kg
Density of bulk material 800 kg/m3 700 kg/m3
Ash contents 3-7 % 10-30 %

Comparing heating costs with respect to the type of fuel

Porównanie kosztów ogrzewania według rodzaju paliwa



stable price of fuel - we can presume stable price of fuel, because there is abundance of raw material for the production of agripellets , and even transportation costs cannot increase the price, because input material comes mostly from local sources

subsidies for consumers of agripellets - government provides contributions for ecological ways of heating households and water using biomass . Agripellets support use of automatic boilers with programmable operation.

exclusion from CO2 emission limits - companies using agripellets for heating do not have to follow emission limits. Quite the opposite, they can trade with emissions


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