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Request: Sending an introductory quote for delivery of ProPelety boiler


If you are interested in receiving an introductory for delivery of ProPelety boiler, please, fill in the form below.  Then we will contact you to discuss further details with you.
Thank you.

1. What type of boiler do you need?

Hot Air – for air heating
Hot Air - for air heating by mobile solution
Hot Water – for water heating
I do not know

2. What power of boiler do you need?

Approx. kW:
I do not know

3. What type of fuel pellets do you burn in the boiler?

Pellets from hay
Pellets from wheat straw
Pellets from colza straw
Pellets from soft wood
Pellets from hardwood
Pellets from other material – please state:
I do not know

4. Would you like to see the production line in Propelety demo-center?

Yes - date:
I do not know

5. Are you interested in other services related to the delivery and commissioning of the ProPelety production line?

Yes, which part?
Yes, part: Pre-project consultation and counseling
Working out Initial project
Working out detailed technical study for solution in your location
Testing if your input raw material is suitable for pelletisation
Granulation services
Other services - specify:
I do not know

6. Any other related information for us

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