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About us

We are a private company delivering complete technologies for processing agricultural wastes and renewable natural resources, turning them into pellets. We deliver production lines intended for mid-size and large scale farmers focused on crop farming. At the same time we produce our own agripellets and we also supply eco friendly pellets for heating furnaces.

Introducing of ProPelety solution

Environment and economy

Using agripellets for heating and power manufacture is an important act helping to protect environment and it has many economical reasons. Pellets, especially agripellets, are fast-renewable power source, gained from natural farm production. Their manufacture supports farming communities and helps to preserve countryside.

Agripellets are manufactured and used locally, which eliminates transportation costs and impacts of political changes (no one can shut the valve). Agripellets also enable big municipalities not to be dependant on just one source of energy.

When using pellets as heating fuel, burning emissions are bellow standards permitted for solid fuel burning. Important fact is that they cannot produce more nitrogen than plants used while growing.

Using agripellets for heating purposes is economical even without any government subsidies. Cost of heating homes with pellets is similar to costs of coal, which supports the idea of using alternative fuel.

Access strategy and philosophy

Being focused on processing natural fast-renewable resources, ProPelety Ltd. show that they care about the environment and future of the Earth, as a place to live, realizing that energy and resources exploitation and regeneration process must be kept in balance for future generations.