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Pellet production line ProPelety Wood Plus Basic / Power / Basic Duo / Power Duo

Pellet production line for two types of sawdust or shavings.



Input material

Sawdust or wood shavings (waste from cutting or planed dry wood). In case of higher humidity, the input material must be dried to the required humidity of max. 14%.

Output product - Pellets

  • Pellets of diameter from 6 to 14 mm (according to the extrusion die) , 1-3 times as long as the diameter, without any chemical additives, compressed to a high degree
  • Bulk or in big-bags

Basic technical parameters

  • Capacity up to 700 / 1000 / 1400 / 2000 kg/hr. - sawdust or wood shavings of hardness up to 35 MPa, at humidity of max.14% (capacity decreases with higher hardness of input material)
  • Capacity may be different from the nominal capacity, as it depends on particular input material properties and the operator‘s approach to handling and maintenance of the production line
  • The line allows produce pellets from blended mixture of two dimensionally similar loose materials. Composition of the mixture is controlled by the operator from the control panel according to the current properties of the input material
  • Rated maximum power usage: 120,8 / 140,8 / 179,8 / 219,8 kW
  • Operation power usage: about 100 kW per one ton of pellets
  • Required floor area: 40 m2 (max. height of silo 6,3 m)
  • Total weight: 9,7 / 9,8 / 12,6 / 12,8 tons
  • Noise level: up to 80 db
  • Transport of material between machines in closed dust-free ducts
  • The line meets all occupational health and safety regulations required for the shop floor

Production line concept and characteristics

  • Power compact production unit - from raw material delivery to pellets storage, smart design and time balanced performance of all equipment
  • Automatic control, regulation, plus the possibility of drive diagnostics.
  • Possibility to use the existing customer’s material handling equipment
  • Full employment of one person in one shift
  • Not difficult to build , easy to be integrated into the existing infrastructure of agricultural plants – layout on area of 60 m2, low weight of all equipment, power supply up to 120,8 / 140,8 / 179,8 / 219,8 kW, power input of individual equipments within the range or common wiring, own electrical cabinet
  • Possibility of modification with respect to existing building layout.
  • Possibility of design modification to suit individual user requirements.

Basic arrangement of the line

  • Input hopper with a conveyor for loose materiál No.1 and No2.
  • Mixer
  • Grinder
  • Pneumatic transport
  • Buffer-silo with dust filtration
  • Dosing equipment - screw conveyor to the press (granulator)
  • Pellet press (granulator)
  • Vapour and dust extraction fan
  • Cleaning vibratory conveyor
  • Cooling conveyor
  • Big-bag holder
  • Control panel and electrical cabinet

Extra equipment according to customer‘s specific needs

  • Conveyors according to particular layout, dryer, mixers for input materials, packaging line, drive-under silos, etc.