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You do not know what to do with
surpluses of straw, hay, sawdust,
chips or other biomass?

We have the solution for you!
Pellet production line:

  • Linka na pelety Agro
  • Linka na pelety Agro Plus
  • Linka na pelety Wood
  • Linka na pelety Wood Plus
Výrobní linka na pelety Agro

About us

We are a private company delivering complete technologies for processing agricultural wastes and renewable natural resources, turning them into pellets. We deliver production lines intended for mid-size and large scale farmers focused on crop farming. At the same time we produce our own agripellets and we also supply eco friendly pellets for heating furnaces.

About pellets

Agripellets are manufactured by compressing dry plants (straw, hay, etc.), chopped into a fine fraction, turning them into pellets of a diameter of 6, 8 and 12 mm and 20 to 40 mm long. These pellets are highly concentrated fuel material with a density of 1.4 kg / dm3.

Pellet production lines

for hay or straw

Line Agro

for hay, straw, sawdust or shavings

Line Agro Plus

for sawdust or shavings

Line Wood

for two types of sawdust or shavings

Line Wood Plus


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